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Official release of BACTS - Bayesian Augmented Clinical Trials

BACTS is a suite of routines developed by Prof Miguel Juárez and Dr Dimitrios Kiagias from the University of Sheffield to analyse and augment the TB clinical trial with information from UISS-TB simulator.

The library implements the methods described in Kiagias et al (2021) for combining information from Real Clinical Trials for TB therapeutic vaccination and computer simulations from UISS-TB.

BACTS can be installed in R (free, open access) and is publicly available from GitHub repository, where instructions for installation and use are available, too.

The library provides code to fit hierarchical Bayesian logistic models for dichotomous end points, with and without random effects. We use the former to fit the in silico data and the latter for the in vivo trials.

A second suite of routines combine the posterior distributions from these two sources of information into an in silico Augmented Clinial Trial.

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