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Project partners meeting in Bologna

A three-day full immersion meeting in Bologna, Italy, for partners from University of Catania and University of Bologna to speed up both the development and regulatory work on UISS-TB, the computational framework that makes use of a multi-scale, multi-organ, three-dimensional agent based simulator of the immune system.

The meeting comes after many weeks of remote work with the Indian clinical partners from AIIMS - All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and from Archivel Farma, Spanish R&D biotech company that develops RUTI, a therapeutic vaccine against tuberculosis.

During the meetings, every detail of the clinical trials have been organized by the partners, from patients enrollment, to primary outcome data gathering and final comparison between data from the trials and data from the models.

The second and third day meeting in Bologna have been dedicated to the necessary steps to progress towards the Uncertainty Quantification and Technical Validation of UISS-TB based on ASME VV-40 standards, and to set goals and tasks for the weeks to come.

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