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Strituvad Final Newsletter

The STRITUVAD (In Silico TRIals for TUberculosis VAccine Development) project has reached its end. The project ran for five years, co-funded by the EU and the Department of BioTechnology of the Government of India, with the goal of developing new technologies that make possible to test the reliability of adjuvant therapies for Tuberculosis performing at least part of the clinical tests in silico, i.e. through computer modeling and simulation.

The partnership was led by Etna Biotech and it consisted of three universities (University of Catania, University of Bologna and University of Sheffield), the R&D biotech company Archivel Farma, the Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative and the All India Institute Of Medical Science.

We thank you for following our progress and we hope that the results detailed in the brochure below will continue to be a valuable contribution to the fight against TB.


See the full list of papers and publications on our website


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