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MIMESIS taken as an example of university spin-off experience at the Startime event for students

On the 14th, 15th and 16th of October, Startime has been a three-day full immersion orientation project for new graduates, undergraduates, PhDs and PhD students from four Universities of Sicily, Italy.

On this occasion, Prof Francesco Pappalardo from the University of Catania was invited to present MIMESIS - a startup for the exploitation of Strituvad project results.

MIMESIS has been taken as an example of University spin-off experience, with a particular focus on the role of the spin-off as a technology transfer of research conducted at universities.

The day opened with institutional greetings followed by the presentation of the Computer Science and Mathematics courses, the Training & Placement Orientation Center services and the testimonials of students' work experiences and employment opportunities.

Also, participants have been guided by teachers, testimonials and coaches to understand how to develop their business idea and create a new entrepreneurial reality.

In this context, Prof Pappalardo highlighted, through the experience of MIMESIS, which are the reasons that should encourage young researchers or graduate students to set up a university spin-off reality.

The talk has been interesting and inspiring for young students who took the opportunity to discuss what perception and opinion of spin-offs do external companies have, and what is the role of university staff within a spin-off reality.

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